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Everybody knows a website is crucial to any business's success. After all, 75% of consumers admit they judge a company’s credibility based on it. But actually coming to build a site can feel daunting, especially for designers and creatives who lack coding expertise. That's where low-code platforms can help.

So what exactly is low-code?

At its core, these platforms allow users to build websites without the need for an experienced developer or coder. Webflow, for instance, combines a page builder and a content management system (CMS) to provide designers with the tools to create stunning websites. Whereas something like Salesforce Lightning can help you to build custom apps, create self-service portals, manage customer service requests and automate business processes, again all without the need for coding skills.  

But does this kind of low code software limit you to simple websites? Absolutely not. While low-code platforms such as this empower designers to create websites without coding, they are also more sophisticated and intuitive than you’d think. 

So what are the benefits? Well, let’s run through them:

  • Less budget needed - as these require less coders than traditional code-intensive websites, you can end up spending less, so it’s perfect if you are looking to cut costs
  • Less time needed - with their drag-and-drop interfaces, low code designs means your website can be up and ready much more quickly
  • Tweaks are simpler - got changes to make to your site? No problem. With a low code site these can often be done at the click of a button

And the cons?

  • Less functionality - with low-code, you’re somewhat limited by the functions the app you’re using has on offer, so it’s important to pick the one you want carefully so that it fits your requirement
  • Less customisation - there may be some limits to how much you can customise your site with low code, depending on the platform you go for. Again, selecting with your end design in mind is key
  • Less security - these options are secure, but may not be as watertight as if you were going with a high-code option

At 3Flow, we understand the importance of a website to any business's online presence and our team of experts can help you identify what your site needs to build your business online. Whether you require something simple or a more complex lead generation tool, we can help you navigate the world of low-code platforms and build a website that drives results.

Contact us today to get started.

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